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The Cycle of War

Tala Ojjeh / 12

A vicious cycle of wars

and it has menacingly befallen you

from a daunting game that never ends

and you are one of the pawns used too.

An overbearing power descended

their tanks rolling onto your soil

and you prayed for hope, for eager help

yet you knew the world watched the turmoil.

In a moment’s thought, you knew you were alone

and the humanness you had once enjoyed

slowly oozed away like the blood

that was staining the earth with its life destroyed.

A burning war, yet you still struggle

grappling with fate in a shaky persistence.

A sky, smoky gray, from the rain of the shelling

as you sense the weight from the wearing resistance.

A gas of fear poisons your air

suffocating and sickening within its core

but sadly, through time, it become a norm

as you scramble for safety from the chaos of war.

And you resist, in the ruthless heat of war

you doubt but hope for the world to awaken.

Again, the world, entangled in games,

is silent, witnessing your cities be shaken.

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