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Sophia Shen

Sophia Shen ('21) is a digital artist who can be found on instagram @matcha.roll. 


Q: How did you first get into art?

My hand coordination was really stable as a kid, My mom sent me to art classes from then on, and my mom saw me draw a pretty realistic eggplant when I was around four years old. where I learned about perspectives and basics of art. We would pick through magazines and draw them, and it helped me learn to draw whatever I saw. 


Q: How does art impact you as a person?

I’ve gotten to a point where it helps me be relaxed and happy. When you’re being creative and drawing, you get the achievement and lift your mood. I find myself drawing in my free time and whenever I can. 


Q: What inspires your art?

Other artists on Instagram or color pallets or a way of drawing facial features, Pinterest has an amazing stash where there’s so many different arts. Online is a really inspiring place, with high fashion, dresses, and cute things. 


Q: Who are your biggest influencers?

From Instagram, @maruti_bitamin, Maruti has inspired me a lot. She has a very mystical style, as if she’s always telling a story where you don’t know where you’re going, and it really opens my mind up to drawing in different styles. She’s inspired me to experiment with art styles that are drastically different from mine. @kienan_lafferty, is a very lovely artist as well, and he’s very technical with lighting and poses. I play around a lot with light and color now, how you can make something have 3D form and shape with drastically different colors. 


Q: What do you hope to achieve in making art?

I’d like to make animated art in the future. I would also love to learn about alien-like architectural structures, designing worlds, people, Victorian style clothes, alien-looking buildings and animals like wolves and tigers and horses. But for now, I would just like to continue developing my art skills. 


Q: Do you like the final result or the process of making art?

I like the process of making art more. The final results are more of a destination mark, like you made it. But I think it’s the process that makes me happier. I remember how I had fun making it and how much effort I put into the arts. I think for everyone, the process of making art can be enjoyable. 


Q: What is your advice to others interested in art?

People who draw with style have been drawing for years, so don’t compare with them, and don’t be afraid to get educated on anatomy, color theory, and perspectives. Start from the roots and have an understanding of how objects work. References are a must have, because they help with getting down the fundamentals. Experiment with lots of things. Make bad drawings and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Art is about the journey, not the destination, and it’s a constant learning process. A lot of input with understanding and insight is necessary for improved and easier output. Don’t give up and keep going. 

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