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Olivia Oh ('19) loves painting. We sat down with her to discuss her inspirations and gather tips for new artists.

Q: What types of mediums do you work in?

A: Because I'm in what's technically IB painting, I mostly work with paints - acrylics, oils, watercolor and stuff.


Q: How did you first get into art?

A: I like doodling as a kid, and then I guess since we had art classes at high school, I decided to go with painting because I hadn't done much painting before, and I kinda went from there. I took Painting, Honors Painting, and now I'm in IB.


Q: What inspires your art?

A: I guess what inspires my art is my memories, you know, like I traveled somewhere, I have a picture I took at that place, and I work from using the picture.


Q: How does art impact you as a person?

A: Basically, doing art almost feels like a therapy because it lets me express things that otherwise I wouldn't be able to express. And I'm not as stressed compared to other classes, so it's like a therapy sessions


Q: What is your advice to others interested in art?

A: I guess don't be afraid to try working with a new medium or different technique because art is, at least I think, all about fun and expressing yourself. Just don't get stressed – that's when you ruin your art!

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