Winter Wafted In

by Ariana Kanchuger

My head rests on a crystal pane,

cool like a sheet of rippling ice

Stars twinkle out as dark wanes

The horizon gently glows and sparkles

Beams of peach light filter ‘round my figure

Giving soft blush to the mist

Which coils round the honeysuckle, demure,

Shy to rustle newborn peace

A soft blanket of snow caresses the earth

And makes pearls of pebbles,

Elegant wedding cakes of benches,

Lace drapery of pine trees

The sight feels shared, passed from eye to eye

Since a day in 1954,

Since the sun would pink, the clouds would curl,

The wren would sing to say goodbye

Since the room was built, the picture framed,

The winter wafted in years ago



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