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There's No Plan Z

by Tommaso Negroni '22

You know what, I think I figured out how to kill some time…

The thought, like a whisper, spreads through my mind and an idea form. A genius idea that should be written down in history books. If all goes well, it shall be written down in my school’s history. What was once a useless pastime is now one of the most useful skills one can have. I can finally prove myself. I can finally break the record for biggest prank ever accomplished by a student.

This plan will take months, maybe even years, but a history book will survive for longer than that. But first things first I need an accomplice and raw materials. This means finding someone I trust and a job. I’ll talk to Bruno tomorrow after school. He’s been with me more for years and through thick and thin. I’m sure he’ll agree especially since he’s after fame just as much as I am. The job part will be a bit more complicated though. There are a few supermarkets near me but I need something more. I’ll figure something out.

I get out of the Hole and bike back home. I don’t even make it past the threshold when my mom asks, “Where were you?”

“I was going to do homework at Bruno’s house,” I lied.

“Good. Dinner is on the table. You can give it a spin in the microwave if you want. Don’t go to bed late today, it’s already 10 and tomorrow is Wednesday.”

“Don’t worry mom!” I shout to the open door that leads to her study. “Writing some more?” I ask.

“Yeah, I finally got past that horrible writer’s block!”

“That’s great news!” I respond, making sure to keep my voice enthusiastic. I walk up the stairs and into my room where I get out the homework for tomorrow. By the time I’m done setting everything up and get back down to the microwave the food is cold again. It’s gonna be a long night.

The sun rudely wakes me up, its smug rays irritating my eyes. The time has come. The gears start turning in my head as my plan rolls into motion.


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