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Sunsets and Dialects

by Joshua Cable '22

The social outcome is obscure

With that the teachers have endured

The exotic sunset of our days

Have written themselves to their graves

Oh I fancy fabric of old

With that I grew slightly old

I’m going mad to this day

Since I left that shallow grave

What I’ve seen is exactly that

A man, a woman, an old French hat

The are downsized with a thwack!

Terror rises in the streets

As love and hate take a seat

Symbolic matter is at hand

With arm and sand wrap up in band

Suddenly hammering is adjourned

As Beatles pounce out of sight

Blue Jay Way is a bright

The sunset that I see tonight

Oh love I must not see the day

When you are zapped and shied away

Once I comeback to the scene

My eyes are narrow to a degree

I see something new upon this thing

A broken piece of fabric string

A stricken look in her eyes

I finally see her disguise

A bird with bright green eyes so suddenly dry with sorrow

For she has turned herself away

Oh dear she fears today might be her last

Oh an unhappy day

That I have set aghast

The sunset finally sets

And all I see is black and grey


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