The Mystery

by Mackenzie Haines '20

A beautiful summer day at horse camp out in the beautiful countryside. Where the million trees stand tall so close to each other as if they were all hugging. The giant bell had been rung meaning the day was officially starting. All the kids were standing shoulder to shoulder ready to start the adventure. Calling out all the names taking attendance stood out this one tall skinny girl, Essy who had long dirty blonde hair pulled back into a braid and blue eyes. She wore a pink flannel with her dark blue jeans and her brown worn out cowgirl boots.

The next day had arrived and the bell was rung for a new group of kids. The kids did the same process as the group the day before did. There was this girl who stood out who looked exactly like Essy. She was wearing a darker pink flannel, light blue jeans and cowgirl boots. This girl was about an inch shorter than Essy.

The girl couldn’t possibly be Essy again because this was a beginners group. As the day went on the way this girl acted very similar to Essy. Her loud energetic voice and talked so quickly which sounded exactly like Essy. The way she even walked, walking with a limp as if she had injured her right foot was similar. I couldn’t seem to keep my eye off of this girl, my head just spinning with so many thoughts.

It turns out this girl, Berkeley who had walked as if she hurt herself, the loud energetic voice and who had looked the exact same had been Essy’s twin. The mystery was finally solved allowing all the confusion to fade away.


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